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What is Data Link Information Services?


Data Link is an Information Technology Company, specializing in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry. We provide a unique service that links your POS system, home office, banks, vendors and bookkeeping system.  Integrating your data and providing you with a cost effective means of improving profitability.


Say good-bye to payroll hassles

Our high-quality payroll service is customized for you and

your business with our ACH direct deposit.  Also included is our secure pay card option, with no additional cost to you or your employees. 

Accuracy you can count on

Data Link works side by side with your store managers and their teams to correct any possible errors BEFORE the payroll is approved.  With our stress-free payroll all of your companys' payroll taxes, garnishments, new hire reporting, deductions, etc. are filed.  As well as voluntary deductions such as retirement plan contributions or insurance premiums withheld.

Payroll information including: employee records, pay stubs, tax filings, records of tax payments, and any other sensitive information will be maintained in our secure database and is only available to you and your personnel with authorized access.


Data Link has placed tremendous emphasis on developing reports that help you improve profitability and save time.

The Power of Reports
Report Distribution

Using our years of restaurant and computer experience, along with comments and suggestions from our clients, we are able to generate powerful reports providing feedback from all the critical areas of operations including; Sales, Speed of Service, Labor, Inventory, Cash Management and Product Mix.  


Data Link makes reports available to any personnel you designate.  Passwords are needed to view or modify different areas of sensitivity and we work with you to make sure the correct personnel receive the information that they need.


Data Link takes POS polling to the next level by formatting the data of all your restaurants, no matter what type of register system, so that it can be stored in our secure database.  Just like our payroll service, we work with your managers and their teams to insure data is validated.  Data is stored for an indefinite period giving you the ability to use the data for comparisons and trends analysis.  


General Ledger

Bank Reconciliation

Sales Tax Reporting

Account Payable Processing

-Vendor History

-Auto Approval

Financial Reports/Reporting

-P&L Statements

-Balance Sheets


-Co-op Advertising

Store Expertise

Our staff has spent over 20 years running stores from store managers to supervisors, giving us an inside understanding of challenges stores can face and how to find solutions.


The key to being successful in this ever changing industry is flexibility and being able to adapt with our clients.   To take full advantage of our integrated services it would be best to have all your record keeping with Data Link, however, if you prefer to keep your accounting/bookkeeping staff we will be happy to work with them to provide you with the best information possible.  And of course, we are always listening to suggestions and ideas.

I.T. Expertise

With ever advancing technology we strive to be ahead of the curve with our next level accounts payable program and daily reports sent straight to you and your stores either by email or accessed 24/7 on our secure client website.

Your Link to Success!
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